Customized Solutions for Retail Environments

For retail environments, impressions matter. Customers choose to spend their time and money in places that are appealing and welcoming. What if you had a service partner whose goal was to make that first impression a good one? And a lasting one?

That’s Commercial Cleaning Services. We develop and manage janitorial solutions for retail clients that enhance customer experience.

Quality janitorial services help create attractive retail environments for customers


Janitorial services keep exterior retail spaces ready for use

Retail Banking

Janitorial services that keep gym surfaces ready for smiling customers

Fitness Clubs

Customer Experience

Our facility maintenance program will help contribute to a positive customer experience. Standard operating procedures that take into account the places that customers notice, and matter to them, most – entryways, floors, and washrooms. Staff that are trained not only in technical skills, but in customer service skills.

Facility Maintenance

Routine cleaning services will keep your facility looking good on a daily basis. But our schedule of services will also include preventive and restorative maintenance programs to maintain it in optimal condition over the long-term. Standard operating procedures, training, and safeguards, will protect facility assets.

Dynamic Service Delivery

Our Building Value…Cleaning Smartly Program redefines success, from completion of service tasks, to fulfillment of performance outcomes. That means that we will continuously evaluate how your facility works, and how we can best work for your facility. We will make recommendations for how to adapt services to better fulfill your objectives and drive continuous improvement.


  • High-performance, certified cleaning program
  • Attractive, welcoming space for visitors and tenants
  • Cost-effective cleaning strategies that don’t sacrifice on results
  • Systematic procedures that maintain and extend the life span of facility assets
  • Improved indoor environment and air quality
  • Safe, secure service delivery by trained, skilled staff

What We Offer

  • Day, Evening and Midnight Services
  • Floor Care Program
  • Parking Lot Patrol & Litter Pickup
  • Exterior Landscaping
  • Snow & Leaf Removal
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Materials & Inventory Management

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