Quality service performance data available on client portal
We use technology to support our corporate strategy. To provide you with verifiable results. To demonstrate our progress, every step of the way, towards successful achievement of all service objectives. Our digital service and quality management platform enables data-driven decision-making and management. Proactive, goal-oriented, and documented– technology that gets demonstrable results.


  • Improves communication and response times
  • Automates periodic and additional service scheduling and follow-up
  • Documents quality control processes and results – and flags variances for quick course correction
  • Cost-control methods manage inventory, budgets, and staffing
  • Transparency in operations, on-demand access for clients to assess how we’re performing in your facility


Taking notes on the latest janitorial innovations
We are a learning organization, continuously seeking out ways to improve. How can we do what we do now, but better? To find out, we stay informed, learning about new techniques and tools by attending industry conferences, meeting with manufacturers and vendors, and testing new procedures. We invest – in people, processes, and products – to improve performance and productivity.


  • More impactful results
  • Improved service delivery
  • Reduced costs through increased productivity

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