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What if you had a service partner that cared about cleaning as much as you did about patient care?  That understood that cleaning in a healthcare environment is critical – that it can’t just look clean, it has to be clean? That had the specialized protocols and trained staff in place to maintain your medical site in optimal condition?

That’s Commercial Cleaning Services. Our janitorial service program for medical facilities will create a clean, attractive space that helps you promote health and well-being.

Quality cleaning services help medical staff focus on patient healthcare

Hospitals & Treatment Centres

Clean, sanitary healthcare space

Health Clinics

Progress review meeting in healthcare facility

Senior Living & Long-Term Care

Hygienic Environment

Medical environments have their own unique challenges. You need a practitioner that is as skilled and expert as the services offered in your facility. For example, we know that the heavy foot traffic at medical sites can increase wear and tear on floors and entranceways – the very places that will set the first impression for new patients.

We have the appropriate work plans, and verified staff training, needed to maintain these areas – and the rest of your facility – in prime condition. Patients, doctors, and staff will be welcomed by a clean, attractive environment that will help inspire confidence.

Infection Control

At medical facilities, we can’t stop at clean. We have to protect the health and wellbeing of all building occupants. You can rest assured that our decontamination and touchpoint sanitization programs will help. We focus our services on where they matter: high-traffic, visible, touchpoints, washrooms, entranceways.

Our cleaning processes isolate cleaning practices by service area, preventing cross-contamination. We use efficient tools that capture and contain particulates and unwanted matter and prevent them from being tracked into other areas. We use cleaning chemicals that are certified and verified effective. Services are completed in full compliance with all provincial and federal legislation governing health and safety, as verified by our accreditation by ContractorCheck, ISN and ComplyWorks.

Quality Assurance

We validate our services through triple audits – people, processes, performance. We assess staff work performance to ensure compliance with your, our, and legislative requirements. We review our processes to ensure they are compatible with the requirements of your facility.

We audit our work to ensure it is achieving desired outcomes. Our Managers conduct these audits, using technology to assist and document visual inspections. We use service data, captured in our service management tool, to confirm compliance and to drive process and quality improvements.


  • Lowered risk of infection for staff, patients, and visitors
  • Third-party accredited Health and Safety Program implemented on-site, compliant with all legislative requirements
  • Expert management team that can manage staff to deliver services appropriate to each service team
  • Digital service management and quality management platform that ensures all work completed to specifications
  • Certified high-performance service program
  • Professional workforce, trained per industry standards

What We Offer

  • General Cleaning Services
  • Decontamination and Sanitization Services
  • Medical Lab Cleaning Services
  • Admission, Reception and Waiting rooms
  • Sterile Environment: Patient, Exam, Operating, Recovery and Waiting Rooms
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • General Facility Maintenance
  • Materials Management

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