Customized Solutions for Industrial Facilities

What if you had a janitorial service partner that worked as efficiently as you do? That cared about safeguarding your products and processes? That was flexible and able to scale its operations to match your business cycle?

Commercial Cleaning Services is that partner. We will work efficiently and smartly to optimize results in your industrial facility.

Safe janitorial and cleaning practices for industrial sites


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Quality janitorial services that help industrial site staff focus on their work

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You know that a systematic approach to operations - one that standardizes processes - helps produce consistency in results. We do, too. That’s why our detailed service program for industrial locations establishes the exact cleaning, supervision, inspection, training, equipment, and material protocols necessary to service each area of your facility. Our detailed work processes break down each deliverable into discrete work tasks, each with their own step-by-step procedures and associated quality benchmarks. Workloading assigns specific staff members and tasks to be completed per segmented work area and schedule. Verified training modules ensure staff are efficient and effective. Quality assurance processes validate service results.

We match our programs to your business cycle. We adjust staff scheduling to accommodate your workflow, adding staff for peak times, and scheduling deep-cleaning work for when it will least impact your business activities.


We pride ourselves on being at the leading-edge, always thinking of how we can advance our services. We use state-of-the-art equipment in all of our cleaning activities. We have created a proprietary, cloud-based service and quality management system that streamlines and improves our account management, making us more agile and accountable.

We stay informed of emerging technologies and innovations, and test the most promising against our current methods. If it will improve productivity and performance, we want it in our program for you.


We care about safeguarding your work practices, products, and people. Our SOP reduce the variances that can lead to increased risks. Our cleaning processes trap contaminants before they enter your workspace. Segmentation of activities prevents cross-contamination between workspaces.

All work is conducted by security-cleared staff under the policies and standards of our Health and Safety Program. Security checks will ensure our work accords with all safety requirements and will comply with audits by CFIA and HACCP.


  • CIMS-GB certified program that promotes efficiency and operational excellence
  • Safe work processes that protect your investment
  • Client-focused account team manages all services, freeing you to focus on your core business
  • Professionally-trained staff, delivering consistent services
  • Verifiable results, tracked and validated by our digital service management platform

What We Offer

  • Office Cleaning
  • Warehouse Cleaning
  • Production/Factory Floor Cleaning
  • Waste & Recycling Management
  • Inventory & Materials Management

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