Statement of Commitment

Commercial Cleaning Services (CCS) recognizes that strength as an organization comes from inclusion and diversity. To that end, we are committed to creating an accessible workplace that enables employees, clients, and stakeholders to be treated with dignity, respect, and independence. CCS has created policies and procedures to ensure compliance with AODA and to meet the needs of persons with disabilities in accessing our services and employment opportunities.As CCS continues to work towards a culture of inclusivity, we will continuously seek information and input from employees, customers and stakeholders to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility. Our Multi-Year Accessibility Plan will be updated as goals are met and reviewed at least once every five years.

Emergency Procedure

The CCS emergency procedure/plan or public safety information will be made available in an accessible format upon request.


CCS will continue to notify the public that accessible formats and communication supports are available and will provide these, upon request, to persons with disabilities.


CCS will continue to provide instruction to all employees on accessibility laws and the Human Rights Code as they pertain to their responsibilities.


CCS will continue to notify applicants who are invited to participate in the recruitment and selection process that accommodations are available upon request. Applicants requesting accommodation will be consulted in order to ensure accommodation provided meets their individual accessibility needs. CCS will continue to inform all employees of policies for supporting employees with disabilities through onboarding and throughout their employment.